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Karen Wise


Strategy, Leadership and Organizational Development. Coaching, facilitation & consulting for museum and non-profit leaders and teams



Now more than ever leaders at all levels must envision the future, understanding and anticipating the needs of audiences, clients and staff without loosing touch of mission and core assets.  Success requires agile leadership and new styles of organizational and staff development

I help leaders and teams see the big picture, set priorities, and find practical ways forward that honor mission, resources and organizational capacity.

From discovering the mission, vision and goals to setting the stage for turnarounds to staff development and capacity building,  I help leaders at all levels find and make key connections among seemingly disparate threads, envision their great future, and find the right places to start.

My commitment as a consultant is to help you with what you need now and to leave you better equipped to build your organization, serve your audiences and embrace the future.



Through workshops, individual and team coaching, Karen Wise specializes in the following areas

Strategy and organizational development

  • Strategic visioning and planning

  • Revitalizing and rethinking organizations, projects, departments and initiatives

  • Loyal, honest and thoughtful coaching and advising for leaders at all levels

Capacity building, Coaching and MENTORING

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Developing and improving organizational and team culture especially interdepartmental communication and colloboration

  • Facilitation of charettes, retreats and workshops

Project and TEam Development

  • Developing organizational readiness for capital projects and major initiatives

  • Project goal setting, conception, definition, planning including articulation of requirements, development of key content for RFPs


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