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An Annotated list of Resources for leaders

of museums and related organizations


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How do you keep yourself and your team inspired?  How do you keep up with trends, issues, standard practices and ground-breaking projects?  Where do you send your staff for training and professional development.   I've worked with several different frameworks, systems and vocabularies, and I am constantly scanning the field for ideas, people, and projects to inform the work that I do, and to help my clients find information, ideas or resources they might need.  This page is meant to provide a portal to useful resources. It is aimed primarily at U.S. audiences, but some of the most interesting sources and thinking originates outside the U.S. 

professional organizations

Museum people almost universally say that face to face interactions, conferences, workshops and specialized cohort based groups are their most important and gratifying sources of inspiration, renewal and information.  Professional networks are very important to museum people.  Choosing which organizations to join, become involved in at the institutional level as well as the personal level is an important decision which should be made based on the needs of the organization, its' leadership and staff.   The range of offerings of the professional organizations is itself overwhelming. 


American Alliance of Museums (AAM)

Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC)

American Association of State and Local History (AASLH)